Blockchain for Healthcare

Learn how blockchain can be used to reduce errors, increase auditability, and drive collaboration. Within the framework of three health care cases, you will learn about patient data management, drug traceability, and data sharing among insurers, health care service providers, pharmaceutical entities, patients and egulatory bodies. Further, you'll explore how to implement blockchain, determine success and failure factors, and other considerations necessary to develop a blockchain implementation strategy.


• Outline the opportunities and potential impact for blockchain in the health care sector.
• Analyze the challenges, risks, and benefits in a blockchain adoption.
• Examine the financial, organizational, and compliance consequences of a blockchain adoption.

Topics covered

- Basic blockchain concepts
- Blockchain use cases within the health care industry
- Current and future privacy concerns
- Future opportunities for leveraging blockchain technology in the health care industry


✓ CPAs with healthcare industry clients
✓ CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, compliance officers, internal auditors, financial managers of hospitals, physician groups, and managed care organizations
✓Board members and trustees in the healthcare industry
✓ Accounting and finance professionals who deal with AI technology as part of their daily routine, to gain a better ethical foundation in the AI revolution.